A Common Bond: The Origins of the British-American Project
by Martin Vander Weyer (BAP Fellow)

This brief history of the origins of the British-American Project was made possible by the sponsorship of British Airways, arranged by Kevin Burns. BA's generosity enabled me to visit Philadelphia in June 1998 to interview the Project's US founders, Lewis Van Dusen, Jr and Isadore Scott. I want to thank Lew and Dr Ruth Patrick Van Dusen, and Scotty and Joan, for their warm hospitality during that trip and for their subsequent help in completing this text. I also thank Lady Villiers, widow of the British founder Sir Charles Villiers, for a wonderfully entertaining lunch in London.

Many Fellows, Advisory Board members and others involved in the foundation of the Project shared their recollections with me or commented on the first draft. I was also able to draw extensively on the report of the first BAP conference at Middle Aston in 1985, edited by Dr Christopher Coker. I am grateful for all of these sources of information; any errors in what follows are entirely my own.

December 1998


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