The British American Project exists to help maintain and enrich the long-standing relationship between Britain and The United States. It is one which we believe is important, whether challenged or celebrated through time.

The British American Project, or BAP as it is more fondly known, brings together young people who have each achieved distinction in their field. Our annual four-day conference chooses 20-24 from each side of the Atlantic, to debate issues of importance to both countries. Delegates come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and include rising stars from the world of business, government, the voluntary and non-profit sector, medicine, the media, and the armed forces.

Delegates are funded in their first year to ensure the broadest possible cross-section of talent. In subsequent years, Fellows meet their own conference costs, often supported by their company. Employers find real benefits in the opportunities provided by engagement with such a powerful transatlantic network. Since its first conference in 1985, BAP has built an influential Fellowship of more than 1000 members.

In addition to our annual conference, which is held alternately in the UK and the US, we organise events for Fellows and guests throughout the year. Sometimes we meet to hear high-level speakers and debates, other gatherings are purely social - including, of course, a party on July 4th. Our online database of Fellows is an invaluable resource for members, both for business and pleasure. A BAP Fellow is never without a friend when travelling trans-Atlantic.

BAP is run by its Fellowship, whose elected officers and its Advisory Board, led by the Rt Hon The Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean, PC. (UK) and Dr George R. Packard (US) manage its development.


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